Web Based Event Software Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my event details?

Once you are logged into your event, click on the "Event Settings". On the top right hand corner of the information box, click "Edit". You can now edit the settings for you event, such as the event date and the dates the event opens and closes for registration.  

What is my event URL?

Your event URL is displayed under the "Event Settings" as "Address" and is customized for you event.

What is Registration Menu?

The Registration Menu is where you input your player types. Your player types can include any number of players up to 16 and may or may not include golf. For instance you may have your menu set up with individual player, twosome, threesome, foursome and reception only guests.

How do I setup multiple players in my Registration Menu?

Once you are logged into your event and are in your "Registration Menu", click "Create New Menu Item". The fourth field asks for the "# of Player Included", this is where you will enter the number of players that are included in that item.

When creating a new Sponsorship, what is # of players quantity included?

This option is available if your event is offering sponsorship's that include golf for the sponsor. For instance you may have a sponsorship level that includes a foursome.

How do I upload a contact list as a CSV file?

Once you are logged into your event, click "Invitation". Then select "Import Invitee", pop-up will appear to upload CSV.

How do I send an Event Invitation?

Once you are logged into your event, click "Invitation". Then select "Manage/Create Invitation" on the left side of the screen, notice that this is labeled "Step 1" at the top of the information box. Once selected choose either "New Invitation" or select an existing invitation. Software will automatically take you to "Step 2" where you have the ability to make any necessary edits. After you  Ore satisfied with your invitation, proceed to "Step 3". Enter subject line and select the appropriate action. Software will send based on action selected.

What options are available to accept payments?

Event planners have the option to accept payments through check or through a PayPal account.

How do I setup a PayPal account?

Visit PayPal.com to setup an account.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hole-in-One program work?

With the Hole-in-One packages you receive 4 Bonus prizes, 1 for each par 3. Each golfer has the chance to take a shot at each prize.

What is the difference between the Hole-in-One packages and a Shootout?

The Hole-in-One packages cover participation by all participants of your event, whereas the Shootout is designed for a smaller number of attempts with higher value prizes.

How far does the hole need to be for a Hole-in-One?

The distance is dependent on the value of the prize.

When is our final player count due?

Final player count should be sent to your Golf Invite rep no less than 2 days, or 48 hours prior to the start of your event. Not sure who your rep is? Send your final player count to info@golfinvite.com.

What is the deadline to order signage?

Signage orders need to be submitted to your Golf Invite Rep no less than 7 days prior to your event. Not sure who your Rep is? Send your order to info@golfinvite.com.

When are taglines due for signage?

Finalized event name, sponsors and logo's (if using logo's) need to be submitted to your Golf Invite Rep no less than 7 days prior to your event. Not sure who your Rep is? Send your materials to info@golfinvite.com.

What apparel brands do you carry?

We carry thousands of brands including big names like Nike and Adidas to smaller brands such as Pebble Beach.

Is there a minimum quantity you need to order for embroidered apparel?

There is no minimum quantity when ordering embroidered apparel, however to reduce cost of shipping 12-24 pieces is preferred.

Do you offer promotional products as well?

Yes, visit our promotional products site at www.golfinvite.espwebsite.com.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due the date on the invoice you receive. Please see your invoice for payment instructions or go to www.golfinvite.com/payment to pay by credit card.

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